Voice-overs are a prominent part of the radio industry, as every single ad, promotion or liner you hear on the air is a voice-over of some sort.  The whole voiceover world is fascinating, different people can make just absolutely different reads and create a different atmosphere. I can:

  • Express myself in whatever manner I choose.
  • Transform words on a script to a verbal performance
  • Communicate a message

I can deliver a read in a million different ways. It’s all about being in particular mindset and/or mood that is fitting to the kind of script I have when delivering it. For example, I can be sad when delivering a rather melancholy sort of script or be mad delivering the same script and the result would be a completely different one.

Voice over Demo

This is my voice over demo produced at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). It features many different tones of my voice, a total of five reads. I like to incorporate different moods into my voice overs, so each one is unique. There’s a range of energetic moods to laid back moods. This is intended for professional use. I recorded and produced this entire demo on my own.


The Producer’s role

The production of these voiceovers is something I am quite picky about. I always despise when reads I voiceover end up being terribly produced. So I like to have a say in the production. Doing so makes sure that:

  • You and the producer are on the same page.
  • The final result sounds as best as possible.
  • The little things don’t go unnoticed.

Sometimes there is miscommunication over something such as where the read goes in the clip, or the sound etc. so making sure that you communicate with the producer and letting them know how the read should sound is always good. This also makes sure the end result sounds spectacular. Sometimes little things that you notice about the read goes unnoticed by the producer, like maybe a mumbled word. Making sure the producer is aware of this is always beneficial.

Voiced Commercials

Below are commercials and various scripts read by myself. They were all voiced, recorded and produced at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) located in Burnaby on Willingdon and Canada Way. I did not produce them, as they were produced by various fellow BCIT Radio Arts and Entertainment Students. They all range in emotion and tempo, showcasing my diverse capabilities and skills in voicing over scripts.


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