Solo Career

I’m a solo musician, and music is one of my biggest passions. There is nothing better than live music, except for performing it. I wish one day to perform in front of a huge crowd that is enjoying the music and chanting our name. I always envy artists that go huge and get to play in front of thousands of people! I’ve gotten really into producing as well, just recording myself at home on guitar and bass, throw some drums I recorded in there, some nice vocals on top and boom; a song. I love mixing, mastering, and producing. Got my own little home studio! Writing music for my solo career gives me something to do on the side, something I can do when I’m not working or in school. I’m always thinking of stuff, playing in different tunings, and I’m currently working on a few new tracks. I have a solo EP out on iTunes, that I released earlier in 2016. I have it below, as well as all my other music that I’ve produced and released. Check it out!

Side by Side (Solo EP 2016)

This is my solo EP that is out on iTunes. I did everything on this record, including all guitars, bass, drums, vocals. The artwork was done by myself as well. This EP features 5 songs including a cover of a Slayer song. This EP is about the human element: feeling emotion with someone. It features betrayal, acceptance, and other emotions regarding being side by side with someone. I’ve grown since this release, and am planning on releasing a full-scale concept album sometime in the future.

Revealing What’s Hidden

Revealing What’s Hidden is a song writen by myself. The song deals with finding truth in society’s lies. Originally, it was part of a concept album I wanted to do, but I’ve grown so much I just left it as a single. I play everything you hear in this song. I recorded it, mixed it, mastered it and produced it myself. It’s full of sloppyness, but I like it; it gives it a live feel.


Dakota – Mantar Bhandal (Sterophonics Full band Cover)

Dakota is a song that’s very dear to my friend John Vosper. He got a job up north in February of 2016, so I made a full band cover of it and gave it to him as a going away gift. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see him again so I made him a gift he’ll never forget. Everything you hear is done by me in the song. Artwork made by me. Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Produced by me.

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