Produced Commercials

Commercials are one of the trickiest things to produce. So much goes into making a solid ad. For one, the client has to be happy with the ad. They have the final say on whether or not an ad airs or not. But before it gets to that, the creative department has to work together on writing an ad. This can be so tough, because you never want to write a generic ad. Once the ad’s written and timed to 30 seconds or whatever the time slot is, it gets passed along to the producer. This is where I come in. I bring the ad to life. I go find suitable voice over artists and get voices for the ad. I add some atmosphere, some sounds, and presto, you got an ad.

I’ve been able to make some pretty professional sounding ads, I’ve split them up into 3 categories, ones I did in SIMS (my first ever ones), at Evolution 107.9 as a solo producer, as the production director, and for the North Vancouver Wolfpack

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