Ever since I was a little kid, doing play-by-play for hockey was always one of my biggest passions. In fact, growing up when I used to play goalie in ice hockey, I would commentate from the bench in all the games I wouldn’t play! My teammates loved it, and they always told me to become one when I was older. I would always mute Canucks games and do my own commentary over top of it, and I got really good at it. My idols are the legend Jim Robson and Jim Hughson. I always loved Robson’s enthusiasm and passion behind all of his calls, and he always made calls that were so iconic. His “He will play, you know he’ll play. He’ll play in crutches…” call in game 6 of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals still give me goosebumps to this day whenever I listen to it. I always looked up to him. Through BCIT, I managed to get a starting job in the play-by-play industry. I had the pleasure to start my career with the North Van Wolfpack, a junior B team in the PJHL. I called the action for them for 2 seasons (2014-2016). It was a nice start, as it was something I could manage alongside my schooling.

North Vancouver Wolfpack

I commentated for the North Vancouver Wolfpack, which is a junior B hockey team that plays in the Pacific Junior Hockey League (PJHL), for 2 seasons. I started in 2014, and in my rookie season they won the PJHL championship! The next year wasn’t so good, first round exit. Nonetheless, it was fantastic working for the team, as play-by-play commentary is one of my passions. I poured my heart and soul out working for the team. My first year was riddled with mishaps and difficulties, but in my second (and last) year there, I took the broadcast to an elite level. I grew as a broadcaster, I produced ads so we could have commercial breaks, and way more. This is a sample of my work from my rookie season. To see my work with the team, click here.


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