Parts Unknown

Parts Unknown was a band that I created in the fall of 2014 with fellow British Columbia Institute of Technology Radio Arts and Entertainment students Matt McArthur, Bailey Meadows, and the legendary Dean Van Tassel. (From left to right), Matt was the guitarist, Bailey was the drummer, Dean was the bassist and I was the lead vocalist. We were not very active with the band, as it was not something we pursued full-time, just a little enjoyment on the side. In terms of material, we wrote really light-hearted songs with an extremely heavy sound. Bailey’s technical style of drumming, alongside Dean’s jazz bass sound, paired with Matt’s crunchy, distorted guitar tone with my metalcore vocals over top all combined for a real heavy sound. It was essentially heavy metal/crossover punk. We sung about random topics, and it made for a loosey-goosey atmosphere. We didn’t practice a whole lot, because we didn’t have much time. We released one song, and it’s listed below.

Better Than You (Original Mix)

Better Than You is a song writen by myself and fellow band/classmate Matt McArthur for our band Parts Unknown. This song was written in the fall of 2014 and recorded/produced by myself and Matt. The lyrics mean nothing, it was just a song that we wrote to have some fun. I would classify it as a heavy metal/crossover punk kind of song, as the lyrics are very punk.

Better Than You (Remixed 2016)

This is a remixed version of the original 2014 song. The original bass parts and drums were played by Dean Van Tassell and Bailey Meadows. I botched the original so I had to redo them myself. This version is a much better version, as it showcases my growth as a producer. Listen to both versions and note how much better this one is. 

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