My Digital Story

This is my digital story; More Than Sound.

This is a story that revolves around my life with music, specifically who I was before, how I found, and who I am today.

Music to me is more than just strings being plucked or things being hit, it’s something that resonates within my soul. Music is something that speaks to me, comforts me, and motivates me. The way listening to a great musical piece of art can inspire me cannot be explained; only experienced. Music is a friend, one that will never leave my side and is always there for me. Music saved my life.

This is my digital story.

More Than Sound.

My story is not the first of its kind. Some celebrities have expressed similar stories as to how much music impacted them. An example is hip hop artist Joell Ortiz, who wrote a song about his experience with music, entitled Music Saved My Life, you can see it here.

Quotes are an inspiring method of motivation. For some people, an experience like this is difficult to share, but through the usage of quotes, this becomes easier. Some quotes really touched my heart when it came to making this story. Examples of these quotes can be found here.

Blogging about this topic is popular too, and this one blog brought me to tears. There was such a striking resemblance to my story. I was able to relate to so much that was written. The post is called The Power of Music by Michael Hedrick. It can be found here.

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