Is It Metal?

This is a podcast recorded and produced out of the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Is It Metal? is a podcast that is hosted by fellow British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Radio Arts and Entertainment student Matt McArthur and myself. It is a weekly, 30-minute show where various objects and concepts in this world of ours are discussed to determine whether or not they are indeed metal. They can be anything; people, animals, activities etc. We literally spew out ideas 10 minutes before we do the podcast. This is a lively show with interactions between myself and Matt, with some humorous jokes and expertise on the subject. Matt and I both love heavy metal so this show is an excellent way for us to interact with people who enjoy the same passion as us. Below are episodes of the podcast we have published. Every episode is recorded at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and edited plus produced by myself. The intro is me playing everything. We have 2 seasons.

Season 1:

Episode 1

In this debut episode, various topics we discuss include: Cycling, policemen, vinyl records, chores, plaid shirts, smart cars, long hair, beards, vikings, jazz, statistics, babies, cigarettes, dump trucks, pizza, coffee, mead, mountains, kittens, cats, salad, metal, nature, physical fitness, pumping iron, and space. We had a lot of fun in this episode.


Episode 2

In the second episode, various topics we discuss include: Bears, fish, clown fish, hockey, crows, ravens, Edgar Allan Poe, rap, chocolate, legos, Mantar Bhandal, Matt McArthur, teeth, pepperoni, feedback, words, gore, trees, Scandinavian nature, flowers, rain, Slayer, dinosaurs, and dinosaur bones. This episode we started using sound effects. That bear noise was very metal.


Episode 3

In the third episode, various topics we discuss include: Clowns, narwhals, metadata, metaldata, Mantardata, Mattadata, the Burger King, crystal balls, Ikea, bananas, tattoos, spaghetti sauce, corn, Korn, medieval europe, action movies, crocodiles, throat crud, tornadoes, tornado chasers, the last week before spring break, octopi, polka, marketing, and curling.


Episode 4

In the fourth episode, various topics we discuss include: Spray-paint, Saint Patrick’s Day, Saint Patrick, Leprechauns, Mastodon T-Shirts, Pacman, Steve Souza, fire, the sun, goths, deserts, time, time signatures, astronauts, drones, George Orwell, trucks, truck drivers, piss jugs, the Rubik’s cube, chalkboards, buses, tour buses, and oxygen.


Season 2:

Episode 1

Very likely the last ever episode of the podcast. We talk about Repentless by Slayer, salt, raisins, soap operas, reality tv, Ozzy Osbourne, football, toques, burps, voting/elections, headphones, shoes, steeltoes, kiwis, the news, crosswords, the downtown eastside, Miley Cyrus, sunglasses, M. Shadows, dreadlocks, Rage Against the Machine, snowballs, Calvin and Hobbes, Five Finger Death Punch, Bruce Dickinson, the law, and summer.


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