Beyond the Sidelines

Beyond the Sidelines is a 3 minute feature that runs on Evolution 107.9, which is BCIT’s very own radio station. The feature explores the world of sport, and not just the mainstream ones. The feature can be about anything at all related to sports. For example, it doesn’t just have to be about mainstream sports like hockey or football, it can be as off-the-board as you want! It could be about stuff like disc golf, or water polo! The topic and angle are up to whoever is doing the feature that week. How it usually goes is the host picks a topic and an angle. Then they’ll go out and find the best person to talk about the subject. For example, if the topic is about rugby, the host could go out and interview maybe rugby Canada’s head coach. The possibilities are endless. The ideal goal is to have a feature that’s both entertaining and informative. All episodes of Beyond the Sidelines are produced at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) at the Burnaby campus by the Radio Arts and Entertainment students 

Beyond the Sidelines – Nathan McCarnan

This episode I sit down with North Vancouver Wolfpack forward Nathan McCarnan, and we talk about a rare feat that doesn’t happen very often; a rookie winning a championship. He did this as a rookie in the 2014-2015 season playing wing with the team. He also offers some advice for other rookies around the league looking to contribute.


Beyond the Sidelines – Curling

This episode I sit down with Chris Paige, a veteran and avid curler in Cloverdale. We talk about what exactly is the sport, and what exactly makes the sport so difficult. You’d be surprised! We also talk about the rapid growth of the sport, now a Canadian staple. Also, if you don’t think curling is a sport, Chris has some words for you.


Beyond the Sidelines – Bungee Jumping 

This episode I sit down with John Hunter, an operations manager at Whistler Bungee, and we talk about the daredevil of a sport called bungee jumping. We talk about a bunch of things, including the rush of it, what it exactly is and more. Plus, if you feel that bungee jumping isn’t safe and isn’t for you, John assures you there’s nothing to worry about.


Beyond the Sidelines – Wake Boarding

This episode I sit down with Liam Phillips, the owner of Cove Watersports about wake boarding. In this installment we talk about what exactly is wake boarding, the thrills of wake boarding, and just how physically demanding the sport is. You’d be surprised just how tough it is! Who knows, maybe wake boarding is for you!


Beyond the Sidelines -Darts

Want to throw sharp objects around? Try darts! This episode I sit down with Scott McMillan, a sports officer at the Royal Canadian Legion about darts. Things we talk about in this episode include how the sport works, it’s easy going nature and yes, the degree of difficulty. This is one of the only sports you can play in jeans!


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